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E-Mail us at: greenhousetech@q.com

Due to the rise in gas prices, some of our prices have changed, and may
be higher. Please bear with us while we change the prices on our web site,
and please note that in store prices may be higher. Have a Blessed day!

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At Greenhouse Tech, we strive to help our customers achieve a "Green" thumb, and a beautiful garden, inside and outside. When you visit the shop, you will be greeting by Jeani, owner of Greenhouse Tech. Jeani is a very kind lady, who is always seen with a smile on her face, and eager to help her customers in any way she can.

Please brouse the site and see all the wonderful products that we carry for all of your plant and garden needs. Also check out the Gardening book section for lots of great gardening help books.

We also offer FREE water testing, and light bulb disposal!



HID Ballast, Systems, & Parts


Flourescent Light Fixture

HID Ballast

Alaska Fish Fertalizer